Who Optopro Solutions AB, founded by two Swedish entrepreneur Petri Ruotsalainen and Jan Zackrisson, has provided the realtime cloud-based application Optopro; an IT solution for digitizing the process of building Fiber Optic Networks (FON) especially in Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and Power deployment project.

Why Infrastructure development within cities is relatively difficult and time-consuming; fiber optic and power network are complex and expensive to install and operate. However, it is never be easy to manage and build a high quality secured FTTH and power networks. Building a fiber optic or power network project has normally three stages – Design Engineering, Construction / Installation, and the Documentation. There are plenty of software solutions which are covering the area of the Design Engineering and the Documentation but no standalone solution for the FTTH or power installation phase.

National/International entrepreneurs in the development of fiber optic or power networks needs to measure the project economy, progress, and key indicators during the construction process in realtime, so they can have better control over project.

The traditional way of communicating (telephone, work order form, paper drawings) in a construction phase is very sensitive to human factor and undoubtedly will lead to not accurate technical documentation, misunderstandings and not up-to-date instructions. Especially the lack of information from field to office is a major problem in the projects.

What With the long working experience in Telecommunication, Power, Cable TV and the Fiber installation branch; we take the benefits of the lack of solution and the demand of the local/international market, Optopro provides world standard cloud-based realtime process flow management system for the FON/FTTH and power networks especially in the construction phase where 90% budget involves.

Optopro is a solution to improve efficiency and quality in fiber and power projects. Field staff reports every work operation on tablets. The project management then gets control of progress in real time. Work instructions, maps, orders, bookings, deviations and other communication are handled digitally.

With an online map Optopro visualizes the status of the fiber and power rollout. Trenching and deployment literally grows on the screen in real time. Important statistics on progress and costs are compiled. Operations are quality assured with checklists and photo documentation. Technical data, measurements, markings is controlled.

Us We are uniquely positioned to provide what our customers need – complex software solutions to answer their requirements. We work with partners in Sweden and we have a subsidiary company in Sweden as well. Our team is multi-cultural and their international experience gives us a huge advantage in understanding customer’s business requirements.



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